Information and resources for straight gay men with children. Once upon a time it was forbidden and/ or unheard of for gay men to see a future for themselves living a life consistent with how they felt on the inside. Whether it be societal pressures or religious expectations, many of us married and began raising children.

That life proved to be unsustainable for most of us because it is, at its core, a lie.

Today there are many resources out there for gay teens and young adults. We see great opportunities and positive changes for our gay younger brothers and sisters, but there is a dearth of conversation and acknowledgement for the adult gay male who has fathered children.

We are fathers first.

We also happen to be gay. Our various paths and stories help us know we’re not alone and there is hope for a positive, rewarding life with family, love and health and happiness.

Please contact us to share your story or to suggest resources.